Driving Lessons Gift Vouchers

Give an invaluable gift that will really be appreciated - an Ocean Keys Driving School  Driving Lessons Gift Voucher.


Give your child, grand child or loved one the best possible driving skills with fully qualified driving lessons by David Bryant, Principal of Ocean Keys Driving School. We offer both Automatic and Manual cars.

Voucher Types:
Log Book Gift Voucher/s. 

By law you are required to complete 50 hours of supervised tuition including 5 hours of supervised night driving to be ELIGIBLE to attempt the PDA Test. 

You SAVE $200 with our Package price of $2800 for 50 PDA lessons taken and paid for in 3 blocks of 12 one hour lessons at $672 each and one block of 14 one hour lessons at $784.

In addition to the Package you get a 60 minute obligation FREE Australian Government funded Keys2Drive lesson making it a total of 51 hours supervised driving tuition.

Plus you get a  FREE One hour Meet & Greet session by us. 


School Student Discount Voucher:

5 Lessons $290.

In addition to the Package you get a one hour obligation FREE Australian Government funded Keys2Drive lesson making it

a total 6 hours driving tuition.

10 Lessons for $570
In addition to the Package you get a one hour obligation FREE Australian Government funded Keys2Drive lesson making it a total 11 hours driving tuition.

5 Hours of driving tuition is the minimum we recommend to ensure that the gift recipient develops the ability to drive safely and responsibly with extensive on-road driving practise.


All vouchers have a their own unique code.

Gift vouchers are mailed directly to you.


Please complete this enquiry form specifying which Gift Voucher you would like to purchase. We will be in contact with you promptly to finalise details.


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